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Questions & Answers

What does my premium plan include?

The Ad-Free subscription with Investing.com will provide you an Ad-Free experience across all our sites and apps for your account. The benefits of the Ad-Free subscription will allow you to focus on what's important and also speeding up the experience by removing the need for our sites and app to load ads. This feature does not, however, provide live data or additional features.?

Will my premium plan remove ads from all my devices??

Once you purchase the Ad-Free subscription, your account will have full coverage across all our websites and our Android and iOS applications. This benefit will be available to you at home or in the office and even on the go. Providing you with the tools and features you need; anytime, anywhere.

How do I cancel my premium plan?

In order to cancel your subscription, please contact our support with your registered email or reference number and one of our agents will be happy to assist you

Will I get notified before my premium plan renewal?

Our premium plan has automatic renewal, meaning that when you reach the plan's due date, you will be charged automatically and Ad-Free subscription will continue. You can cancel your subscription anytime by following the instructions in the answer of "How do I cancel my premium plan" question.