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France - Certificates

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Delivery Method


?NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
?Commerz Put CAC40 FUT 0618 31Dec992DE000C.0.12+12.84%95.30K07:47:00?
?SOCIETE GENERALE CAC 40 X10 31DEC99FR0011.0.0490-9.26%86.00K08:06:00?
?SG ZT CAC 40 x3 Short 31Dec99FR0010.0.330.00%7.40K06:20:00?
?SG ZT CAC 40 x5 Leverage 31Dec998FR0010.3.50-4.29%0.27K06:09:00?
?Commerz CAC FUT 02/16 31Dec997DE000C.0.0598-18.19%163.00K07:00:00?
?CITI CAC 40 X15 Leverage NR 31Dec99DE000C.2.40+0.00%007/10?
?COMMERZBANK CAC FUT 07/16 31Dec99DE000C.2.79-15.71%49.01K07:43:00?
?SG ZT Leverage DAX x8 31Dec99FR0012.0.49+0.00%004/10?
?SG CAC 40 X10 LEVERAGE 31DEC99FR0013.13.16-9.12%0.99K07:51:00?
?COMMERZ Put CAC40 FUT 05/18 31Dec99DE000C.0.570.00%004/10?
?COMMERZBANK ICE COCOA 12/16 31Dec99DE000C.0.240.00%007/10?
?BNP Call 40.99 EUR TOTAL SA 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.720.00%004/10?
?BNP Call 1.98 DERICHBOURG 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.300.00%004/10?
?Commerz CAC FUT 02/16 31Dec991DE000C.0.95-6.77%3.50K05:28:00?
?BNP Call 7.95 EUR EDF 31Dec99FRBNPP.0.190.00%004/10?
?Commerz VIX CBOE-10/16 31Dec992DE000C.1.90+7.10%12.71K08:09:00?
?BNP Call 17.51 Compagnie des AlpesFRBNPP.0.650.00%004/10?
?COMMERZBANK ARCELORMITTAL 31Dec99DE000C.0.110.00%004/10?
?COMMERZBANK Put GOLD 0217 31Dec99DE000C.0.240.00%004/10?
?BNP Call 11.6 Genfit Ord ShsFRBNPP.0.040.00%007/10?

Germany - Certificates

?NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
?DB ZT FTSE ATHEX 20 Athens ExchangDEDB0C.2.030-1.46%007:40:00?
?DB ZT S-BOX Global Water PerformancDEDB1W.19.300-0.57%007:44:00?
?DB Brent Crude Oil 31Dec99DEDB3C.29.860-2.16%0.33K07:47:00?
?BNP ZT DAX 31Dec99DE7689.27.030-2.70%007:24:00?
?DB ZT S-BOX China Solar PerformanceDEDB2C.1.190-0.83%007:43:00?
?SG Call Solactive Social NetworksDESG10.469.320-0.29%007:36:00?
?Dresdner Bank CO2 EmissionsrechteDEDR1W.17.730-1.01%006:57:00?
?BNP ZT DAXplus MV Germany TRDEAA0K.65.030-0.50%007:24:00?
?RCBCall 100 Hannover Rueck Long x3DERC0H.338.270+0.54%003:33:00?
?Bayerische Gold 31Dec99DEHV2X.12.29+1.07%007:05:00?
?ING Call 19.6124 JPY USD/JPYDENG16.73.560-0.14%007:25:00?
?ING Call 0.9807 NOK EUR/NOK FXDENG16.88.990+0.03%007:17:00?
?ING Call 0.2451 CHF EUR/CHFDENG16.75.500-0.08%007:26:00?
?HSBC Call 103.5 JPY EUR/JPYDETD6E.3.430-7.05%007:08:00?
?HSBC Call 99.5 JPY EUR/JPYDETD6E.7.160-3.50%007:08:00?
?HSBC Call 109.5 JPY EUR/JPYDETD6E.0.0000.00%029/11?
?HSBC Call 107.5 JPY EUR/JPYDETD6E.1.0500.00%002/08?
?HSBC Call 0.965 USD EUR/USD SpotDETD6E.1.0000.00%031/07?
?HSBC Call 0.945 USD EUR/USD SpotDETD6E.0.5300.00%026/09?
?HSBC Call 0.925 USD EUR/USD SpotDETD6E.3.010+4.15%007:08:00?

Italy - Certificates

?NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
?SG FTSE MIB Gross TR 5x S 18Jun21LU0163.0.246+6.94%1.80M07:53:00?
?Vontobel Call VT 7XL Brent OilDEVN9A.0.026-17.46%811.69K07:54:00?
?SG NASDAQ 100 Short x7 01Apr21LU1376.0.111+9.36%575.00K07:05:00?
?Vontobel 7X Short Brent Oil 6.03DEVN9C.0.022+18.92%400.00K07:10:00?
?SG Put FTSE MIB Gross TR 5x 19Jun20DESG7Y.0.050+8.79%331.00K07:00:00?
?Vontobel 7X Long on Coffee 10.74DEVN9C.0.0150.00%70.00K06:15:00?
?Vontobel Put VT 7XS Nasdaq 100DEVN9A.0.0138.33%2.15M06:21:00?
?SG GAS X7 LONG 18Jun21LU4170.2.100+2.44%73.47K07:48:00?
?Vontobel Call 7X Long WTI OilDEVN9K.0.176-21.03%244.50K07:25:00?
?Vontobel 5X Short on MIBDEVN9A.0.295+5.55%378.00K07:31:00?
?Vontobel 7X Short linked to DAXDEVN9A.0.270+6.52%622.36K07:49:00?
?BNP Call 038 TIR 19Dec25NL3034.0.087+0.00%007/10?
?BNP Call 01715 Popolare Di MilanoNL1950.0.088-3.30%57.54K06:44:00?
?Vontobel Call VT 5XL Coffee 18Dec20DEVN9A.0.0190.00%150.00K05:23:00?
?BNP Put FTSE MIB Future 17Dec21NL2666.3.170+7.28%207.33K07:44:00?
?Uni Call Italia X 7 Long 16Oct20DEHV40.12.750-7.68%62.68K07:21:00?
?SG S&P 500 TR 01Apr21LU1376.1.142+7.33%32.39K07:48:00?
?Vontobel Put VT 7XS SP 500 18Dec20DEVN9A.0.154+7.67%99.00K07:37:00?
?SG Brent Crude Oil Long x7 17Dec21LU0726.0.974-15.89%32.33K07:35:00?
?Vontobel Call 7XL EuroStoxx BanksDEVN9A.0.090-14.62%69.00K07:27:00?

Netherlands - Certificates

?NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
?BNP Call 173 EUR MITHRA PHARMANL0013.1.4500.00%007/10?
?BNP Call 1.8 EUR POSTNL 31Dec99NL0010.0.780+0.00%004/10?
?BNP Call 2093 EUR MITHRA PHARMANL0013.0.500-24.24%2.10K06:07:00?
?BNP Call 52.21 USD ICE BRENT 03/19NL0013.9.800+0.00%007/10?
?BNP Call 3.8 EUR ARCELORMITTALNL0011.1.510-10.65%1.50K06:49:00?
?BNP Call 4.1 EUR ARCELORMITTALNL0011.1.260-10.64%12.10K05:28:00?
?BNP Call 505.19 EUR ADYEN 31Dec99NL0013.1.810-1.63%0.20K03:48:00?
?BNP Call 9.76 EUR ING 31Dec99NL0011.1.560-10.34%0.20K05:24:00?
?GS Call 493.727 EUR AEX 31Dec99NL0013.8.240+0.00%007/10?
?ING Call 4761Crude Oil 02/19NL0013.2.380-38.02%1.05K07:34:00?
?BNP Call 17.79 EUR ABN AMRO BankNL0012.2.4500.00%007/10?
?BNP Call 2.9 EUR ARCELORMITTALNL0011.2.540-1.17%4.00K03:17:00?
?GS Call 556698 Brent 03/19 31Dec99NL0013.6.150+0.00%007/10?
?ING Call 5629Brent 03/19 31Dec99NL0013.6.210+0.00%007/10?
?BNP ZT Vietnam Index 31Dec99NL0000.7.110+0.00%004/10?
?BNP Call 86.4 EUR SOLVAY 31Dec99NL0011.16.270-4.07%0.09K03:06:00?
?BNP Call ADYEN Long 510.37 31Dec99NL0013.1.710+0.00%004/10?
?ING Call 17 EUR POSTNL 31Dec99NL0010.0.710-8.97%5.00K07:30:00?
?BNP Call 1911 EUR MITHRA PHARMANL0013.0.860-16.50%1.00K05:47:00?
?BNP Call 334 EUR AEX 31Dec99NL0010.30.131-1.64%1.50K07:00:00?

Sweden - Certificates

?NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
?Alphabeta Call Sol GE Large Mid NTRJE00BH.0.000.00%029/11?
?NBp Call Boliden AB 31Dec99SE0011.23.790.00%002/10?
?NBp Call 38 SEK Collector 31Dec99SE0011.14.710.00%019/07?
?NBp Call 42 SEK Collector 31Dec99SE0011.7.77+0.00%005/09?
?NBp Call 50 USD ICE Brent Crude OilSE0011.167.00+0.00%019/09?
?NBp Call 53 USD ICE Brent Oil 139SE0011.112.20+0.00%026/09?
?NBp Call 53 USD ICE Brent Oil 9NO0010.96.900.00%027/09?
?NBp Call 585 SEK AstraZenecaSE0011.306.59+0.00%022/08?
?NBp Call 60 SEK NBp 31Dec99SE0011.4.21+0.00%015/08?
?NBp Call 62.5 USD ICE Brent OilSE0012.33.840.00%028/02?
?NBp Call 64 SEK Ericsson ser. BSE0011.13.130.00%002/10?
?NBp Call 90 SEK ELEKTA B 31Dec99SE0011.38.910.00%002/10?
?NBp Call 90 SEK Tele2 AB ser. BSE0011.57.17+0.00%019/09?
?NBp Call DAX 31Dec99SE0011.18.330.00%002/10?
?NBp Call 196 SEK Fastighets ABSE0011.146.90+0.00%019/09?
?NBp Call Fingerprint Cards BSE0011.38.000.00%002/10?
?NBp Call Gold 31Dec99SE0011.167.80+0.00%002/10?
?NBp Call Hennes and Mauritz ser. BSE0011.112.000.00%002/10?
?NBp Call S&P 500 31Dec99SE0011.47.500.00%002/10?
?NBp Call Silver 31Dec99SE0011.16.96+0.00%002/10?
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